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Our technical skills : MES

At the heart of our expertise in M.E.S.

B2C Engineering focuses on the integration of innovative and sustainable solutions, taking into account the needs and constraints, particularly financial, of our industrial customers.

Installing an MES solution within your company allows you to optimise your performance while reducing your costs. This solution is supported by B2C Engineering to enhance the performance of your production tools.

With the mastery of cutting edge technologies and market leaders such as AVEVA, Simatic IT eBR, KmProd… We develop your project in its entirety, taking into account your needs.

From the study of the project to the integration of the solution to support and troubleshooting, discover our technical skills through integrations carried out by our Belgian, French or Luxembourg teams.

Focus on the integration of an M.E.S solution for one of our customers in the chemical sector.

The technical project

Description of the project

One of our clients in the chemical industry is opening a new application center (R&D) on its site. The aim of this research and development department is to be able to carry out tests to qualify composite materials on the basis of:

  • Raw materials used and their characteristics,
    Storage conditions for these materials,
  • Methods of combining these elements,
  • Production conditions for finished parts.


The application center is composed of a warehouse, a production area made up of specific cells (consolidation press, thermoforming press, parts/band placement machine, moulding and overmoulding machine).

The challenge of integrating the MES solution is to ensure very rapid data acquisition and archiving, allowing detailed analysis by correlating various elements.

Scope of supply

To do this, 2 MES modules have been implemented:

  1. The first one linked to the management of Operations/Traceability
  2. The second one is linked to Quality management

A logging solution completes the system.

A specifically developed module allows data acquisition at a frequency of 1ms and 10 ms. The user interface allows the creation, modification and management of production orders. The definition of materials, stock management. Order tracking provides a genealogy of the parts produced.

Production reports and dashboarding are in place to analyse data and track manufacturing and laboratory orders.

B2C provided the following services for the implementation of the M.E.S. solution:

  • Provision of the IT infrastructure (ESX servers, VMs, switches, racks, etc.)
  • Supply of Zebra production printers
  • Supply of scanners and hardened tablets
  • Installation and configuration of the IT infrastructure
  • Detailed study of the network architecture taking into account the client’s cybersecurity rules
  • Study and execution of workshops to define the MES functionalities
  • Drafting of design documents and project requirements
  • Development of the MES functionalities using the
  • Agile method
  • Development of user interfaces
  • Acquisition and archiving of production and laboratory data (tests)
  • Development of specific software for high frequency production data acquisition
  • Connection to production machines with definition of an MES exchange flow
  • Installation of the IoT infrastructure (server/network core, gateway/antennas)
  • Installation of IoT sensors to measure T°, Hr, Patm
  • Training of users
  • Start-up support

Gains for clients

Successful mission for B2C Engineering! The different objectives were completed:

  • To allow the application center to have a data acquisition and traceability system for production parameters in order to correlate these data with the results of tests carried out on the materials produced.
  • To enable the application center to carry out the industrialisation phases of parts with production traceability.
  • Acquire and monitor the storage conditions of raw materials in the stock. These conditions can influence the strength of the part produced.

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