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Industrial Cybersecurity

Our technological skills

We audit your network(s) and industrial solutions to highlight breaches so that you can design a procedure to secure your plant for the years to come.

Starting with our industrial cybersecurity audit combined with our partners, market leaders such as Esia, Stormshield, Darktrace and Octoplant (former Versiondog), we advise you and install solutions that keep your industrial networks and data safe.

  • 5-step audit to discover security breaches, correct them and secure your industrial networks and their solutions
  • Automatic backup and versioning solution : Octoplant centralizes industrial backups and make sure you have the latest backup in case of disaster recovery
  • IT & OT networks monitoring : the solution ESIA monitors operation processes and their hardware / applications so that you get a 360 view on your network health
  • Industrial networks and their components Installation and configuration (Switchs, Firewalls,…) following cybersecurity norms from national institutions.

Mastered Technologies

We have made strong partnerships with big industrial cybersecurity providers. We are still looking for new solutions to offer the biggest CSI range.

  • Octoplant (Versiondog)
  • ESIA
  • Darktrace
  • Stormshield

Questions or an industrial cybersecurity project ?

Get in touch with our experts who are happy to discuss your project with you to offer you the best suited solution for your company.