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Our support contract

Automation - industrial IT - M.E.S

Support and
troubleshooting contract

Our support service allows you to be helped with any problems in automation, network and industrial IT systems.

B2C Engineering offers three different support and troubleshooting contracts covering different periods of time, up to 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

 All have their own specificities, so please contact us to determine the most suitable solution for your company.

However, these contracts have the following features in common :

  • Telephone support
  • Remote control
  • Rapid on-site visits
  • 24/7 troubleshooting


At your request, we can include a yearly renewable pot of hours to ensure preventive maintenance of your industrial equipment.


Troubleshooting and customer support

If you do not yet have a support contract or if you have lost your on-call number, please contact us using this form. Describe as precisely as possible the problem you are experiencing and the time frame you would like us to fix it.

We will reply as soon as possible.

Customer support form