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Products and Partners

In addition to a growing range of solutions, we actively seek the best products and partners to adapt our response to your needs and constraints.

B2C Engineering has also developed close links with market leaders such as AVEVA, Siemens, AUVESY-MDT, Darktrace or Stormshield allowing us to keep a strong technological watch in order to make you benefit from these technologies at advantageous prices.

Discover our partners and solutions below.

Factory Software - Aveva Select France

AVEVA, a world leader in industrial software, specialises in the field of industrial supervision and real-time production data management.

Excellence 4.0 Integrator

Since 2021, B2C Engineering France has joined 15 companies, integrator partners participating in the Excellence 4.0 programme launched by Aveva Select France.
This programme aims at 4.0 excellence and is dedicated to accelerating the industrial digital transformation. For B2C Engineering, this collaboration is also an opportunity to share our vision of Industry 4.0 and to renew our trust with our partners. Together, let's be actors of industrial innovation!

AVEVA System Platform

B2C Engineering Belgium and France are among the companies certified as Aveva (Wonderware System Platform) integrators.
Our experts are certified in the different software designed by AVEVA. B2C Engineering supports you throughout your project: from the integration and configuration of the solution to the training of your teams and 24/7 support.


AVEVA, a world leader in industrial software, specialises in the field of industrial supervision and real-time production data management.


The world leader in autonomous cyber AI, Darktrace is the world's first autonomous cyber defence platform. Its Cyber AI, protects your teams and data from the most sophisticated cybercriminals by detecting, analysing and responding to cyber threats in real-time, wherever they occur.


Darktrace is a self-learning AI-based cybersecurity solution that detects and responds in real time to cyber threats across our customers' infrastructures.
B2C supports you in the integration and configuration of the Darktrace solution to provide you with effective results right from the start.

PLC Analyzer

PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 is a software system for the logical analysis and recording of measured values in PLC-controlled systems.
The acquisition, representation and evaluation of PLC signals such as inputs, outputs, flags, timers, counters and data blocks is now very easy to handle. In addition, video data can also be recorded synchronously with the PLC process data (Videotrack module).


AUTEM is a German company specialising in the control of PLC installations. It is a world-renowned supplier of system analysis management for large companies.



As the global market leader in manufacturing-independent version control and change management software, AUVESY-MDT provides answers to the growing complexity of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Versiondog (Octoplant)

Versiondog is the market's leading solution for backup management, Versioning and change documentation.
Versiondog provides industrial companies with uniform central data storage, fully automatic data backup, version management with detailed change detection and clear documentation, and is at the same time suitable for automation systems of various manufacturers (Siemens, ABB, Kuka, Rockwell and Mitsubishi etc.).


Yokogawa Dataloggers surpass the scalability of standard dataloggers.
They are recognised in the industry for their exceptional measurement accuracy, reliability, noise resistance and ease of use. B2C Engineering works in partnership with Yokogawa in the distribution and implementation of Datalogger in Belgium and Luxembourg: selection, installation and configuration of Yokogawa Dataloggers, training and 24/7 support.


Yokogawa is a leading provider of industrial automation and test and measurement solutions. Combining superior technology with engineering, project management and maintenance services, Yokogawa delivers field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality and reliability.


Whatever the size of your organisation, wherever you are in the world, DIMO Maint CMMS makes daily life easier for your maintenance teams and service providers.


DIMO Maint MX is a very intuitive web-based solution.
It makes it easy for non-IT users to get to grips with it so that they can concentrate on their core business: maintenance. Access to information is faster, analysis and data sharing simplified. B2C Engineering will assist you in the integration and configuration of your CMMS solution, in the training of your teams and in the 24/7 support.


Alert is the most advanced alarm notification and management software solution on the market.
Process, IS & Networks, facilities, fire, access control and security alarms are collected by the software, which then processes the information and distributes it in the chosen format (sms, email, telephone...) directly to the right person. B2C assists you in the integration and configuration of the Alert solution, the training of your teams and in the 24/7 support.


Micromedia International is today a major player in the field of industrial remote monitoring. It develops and markets a software solution for alarm processing and notification. This solution, which is complete, scalable and open to all environments, is currently installed on more than 12,000 sites worldwide.


META 2i, with 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of supervision systems and applications, supports companies in their performance. Primarily dedicated to the optimisation of production workshops in industry, the company's expertise now extends to consultancy and the publication of its production monitoring and MES software packages.


KmProd5 is an open and scalable MES solution that enables the monitoring of all production, the management of the company's 4 resources.
(people, energy, machines and materials), industrial and energy optimisation with the continuous improvement of industrial processes. B2C implements and supports this modular, innovative and economical MES solution: installation, configuration, team training and 24/7 support.

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