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Industrial Electricity

Our technological skills

Our expertise in industrial electricity enables us to carry out your projects in the study, design and on-site installation phases. We work on distribution installations (TGBT-TD) and industrial processes (MCC-PLC-Network).

  • Bringing your facilities into compliance
  • Renovation of your installations
  • Integration of new systems

Project stages mastered

B2C Engineering takes care of your industrial electricity project:

  • Drafting and analysis of specifications
  • Costing of estimates and proposals for technical improvements
  • Production of electrical diagrams and reference documents (calculation notes, cable lists, parts lists, power balances, etc.)
  • Design of panels and cabinets
  • Coordination and management of the schedule
  • Integration and monitoring of the work on site
  • Carrying out tests and commissioning (SAT-FAT)
  • Approval with an inspection organization
Pipes inside energy plant

Flexibility, compliance with standards and documentation

As each client and project is unique, we guarantee flexibility in our solutions in order to best meet your expectations and needs while respecting the standards in force and the location of your installations.

At the end of the project, you will be provided with a TQC file with all the design documents, technical data sheets and acceptance reports.

B2C Expertise

We have acquired various skills in automation over the course of our projects. To find out more, look out for case studies in this area.

A Question or an electrical project ?

Get in touch with our experts who are happy to discuss your project with you to offer you the best suited solution for your company.