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Towards a greener future

B2C Engineering commits to biodiversity

Faced with today’s major environmental challenges, every company can have a positive impact on our living environment.

This is the challenge taken up by B2C Engineering by contributing to the modernisation of the experimental garden of Tomorrow Lab, an association that fights for the preservation of the environment.

Tomorrow Lab

The concept was imagined by Christophe Versieux, owner of a 40-acre plot of land in Soignies, whose wish was to transform this empty space into a living space. To do this, he decided to create an ecosystem combining environmental, social and festive aspects in order to raise public awareness of biodiversity. The pedagogical community garden was born, and subsequently, the ASBL Tomorrow Lab.

This garden is a blend of nature and man and is open to all. Thus, the association and the citizens help each other to develop this new space by contributing professional and personal experience and knowledge. Together, they allow the integration of a rich and harmonious ecosystem where vegetable garden, permaculture, plants, flowers, sheep, trees and bees cohabit.

In order to take its approach further, the collective opens its doors to numerous contributors in order to animate and bring the garden to life. Important educational activities are offered on site: construction of bat nests, photography, tree planting, nature training, concerts, craft beer making and beekeeping.

Recently, the association has found a new audience and is now working with primary schools to raise awareness of the need to respect nature.

After many efforts last year, which allowed the planting of 225 trees and the development of a part of the land into an orchard and flowery meadows, Tomorrow Lab is rewarded for its approach. In June 2022, the association received recognition from the King Baudouin Foundation jury and was one of the 3 winners of the 6th edition of “Générations Solidaires” among 83 participating projects. Considered as a real incubator of citizen initiatives, this project inspires by its innovative and federative character.

Support from B2C Engineering

It is in this context of environmental enhancement and in connection with B2C Engineering’s key sector: automation, that the company decided to make its contribution. By financing a pump and equipment to bury the pipes of an automatic watering system, B2C is providing the association with a new means of greatly facilitating the work of volunteers.

In addition to improving the maintenance of the land, this system also allows rainwater to be collected in tanks, once again underlining the ecological commitment of this project and affirming the human values that B2C holds.

We wish this experimental garden a long and prosperous life and greater recognition. We are happy and proud to have contributed to the development of such an ambitious and innovative project!